Saturday, April 4, 2015

1 1/2 Handed Gardening

After a couple of days of Spring Rain, it was a beautiful day today with (as put it) abundant sunshine.   All of us spent the majority of the day outside, except for Stella.  She rolled in something nasty early on in the day, and spent a while tethered outside until the girls volunteered to give her a bath.

I over did it trying to garden with one and a half hands, and am paying for it tonight with increased swelling and aching.  I need to remember not to set my recovery back any by being overly ambitious, and take things easy for another 2 1/2 weeks.

Yesterday I finally dead-headed my flower garden.  It looks so much better!

See the red peonies coming up in the upper right?

In the process, I realized that the deer nibbled off most of my crocuses.  GRRR!

Today I hung 2 loads of clothes outside, then poked around in the garden.  I found the rhubarb that Mom and I transplanted last Fall is coming up, but there are no signs of asparagus yet!

I rebuilt my rock wall, which got partially dismantled during a plowing episode last winter.

I picked up and raked gravel out of the side yard.  JP was much better about scraping snow with gravel in it to a different area instead of the yard over the winter, so although there is some more gravel clean up to do, it is much less extensive than last year!

In the meantime, JP cleaned out and "summerized" the outdoor wood burner, and cleaned one tractor scoop of trash from the garden (corn stalks and asparagus stalks from last Fall) before the tractor transmission failed in the middle of the driveway.  He and Dad were able to move it off to the side, and we are waiting for Monday to call the Tractor Doc.  Sigh.

The girls had a friend over to play today.  I packed them a picnic lunch to eat in the tree house.  They devoured it and begged for more!  That is what fresh air and sunshine can do to growing girls!

The hens have finally discovered how lovely it is to scratch outside in the sunshine, and they have been out from dawn to dusk.  I am ordering new peeps tomorrow.  J took her rabbit out to stretch his legs in the greening grass as well.

Oh, I also made over 50 newspaper planters and filled them with soil and seeds on April Fool's joke.

We finished the day off with homemade Bahn Mi...yummy.

Ah...the sunshine, the fresh air, the warming skies, the growing things...these are a few of the reasons that Spring is my favorite season of the year, and they are all the more appreciated after surviving the long, cold Winter!


Victoria Williams said...

Sounds like a really, really, busy day for 1 1/2 hands!

Country Girl said...

You got me! It was actually a day and a half...I worked on the flower bed the day before! :-)