Saturday, March 14, 2015

Off the Pain Meds

I am happy to report that I am typing with 2 hands today.  I can't say that I'm doing exceptionally well at it, but even with all of the corrections, it is faster than 1 handed typing!  I haven't had any pain meds for over 12 hours now.  I'm not completely pain free, but not much worse than pre-surgery at this point.

I did some internet research this morning (I know, bad idea, but I did try to stick to reputable sources) to find out about recovery, since that part was a bit vague to me.  Basically I was told that I would wear this un-removable splint for 1 week, then a different splint that can be removed for showers for 6 weeks, followed by Occupational Therapy "if needed."  The literature I am reading mentions splinting with heavy activities for 3 months, followed by strengthening exercises.  That is a bit disappointing, but I need to wait and see what happens (not one of my strong points.)  I am trying to be very careful not to jeopardize my recovery in any way...DEFINITELY do not want to go through this surgery again!

I am also noticing that I still have some numbness in my fingers, especially my thumb.  This worries me a little bit because I know too much!  I still have a lot of swelling, so I am chalking it up to that and the tight splint for now.

I found a YouTube video about my type of surgery, watch it if you dare.  I also found this drawing, which I think is a good representation of what they did.

We are taking things a bit easier than normal this weekend.  I would typically change the girls' sheets today, which includes running ALL of J's bedding through a hot dryer, and vacuuming her mattress because of her dust mite allergies.  We are skipping this week, allergies be damned.  I just don't think I could do it, even with help!

It is raining outside, and scheduled to continue all day.  We have Flood Watches and Warnings again.  I might attempt to tackle a pie (with J's help) in honor of Pi Day, 3.14.15,  then again, I might just sit around.

Enjoy your weekend, and have some pie!

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Kim and Victoria said...

That looks really, really, painful, as I'm sure it is. Hope your recovery goes well!