Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Where's the Bear? #12

Thanks to my Dad, who suggested that last week's bear picture be captioned "Old McDonald Bear".

It has been a crazy week, weather wise.  We went from snow to rain on Sunday, to a frigid low of 9* F Tuesday morning, to a balmy high of 47* this afternoon!  All of that precipitation, freezing and thawing, have turned our driveway into a sheet of ice. 

It's very exciting to slide down the driveway first thing every morning!  I have been extremely thankful for our new Subaru, which has a crazy thing called "X-Mode".  When I push the "X-Mode" button, a graphic pops up on the console, showing the 4 wheels and axles in green.  The car automatically will brake and maneuver down the driveway, all I have to do is steer.  The graphic shows in yellow when certain wheels or sets of wheels are being braked or stabilized or whatever.  It's pretty hi tech (ha!)

The bear seems to enjoy driving the Subaru too, but he is only allowed to do so on the "Farm", as he doesn't yet have an official driver's license.

Only 44 more days until Spring!

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