Sunday, February 1, 2015

Playing in the Snow

5 years ago, on Superbowl weekend, it snowed a massive amount, the power went out, and it didn't come back on for 8 days.  We missed the Superbowl and the opening of the Winter Olympics, along with showers and some other things.  I really haven't enjoyed February since then.

Today, on Superbowl Sunday, the snow has been coming down in massive clumps.  To ease my churning anxiety, I decided to go outside and play in the snow with the girls.  They beat me outside, and were already crafting tiny snowmen on the hill by the time I was appropriately attired.

I began making a snowman of my own - a BIG one - to show them up.  I changed gears midway, and decided to roll a giant snowball down the hill like in the cartoons.  The ball got pretty massive, but then hit a bump and broke into 3 pieces.  J and I continued rolling 2 pieces down the hill, while L crafted the remaining chunk into a seat.

We planned to build a snowman with our snowballs at the bottom of the hill by the driveway.  Small problem though - the mid section was too heavy to lift on to the base!  Instead we decided to make a lying down snowman, who in the course of the crafting, became a tragically murdered snowman.

Here he is, with a stake through his heart. 

He ended up pretty large - J's feet don't touch the ground when she is sitting on his bottom!

The snow has ceased.  The temperatures are warming.  We are due for some sleet and rain this evening, which should turn our driveway into a sheet of ice.



Kim and Victoria said...

Love that murdered snowman! No power is usually not fun, that's for sure.

Kim and Victoria said...

You know, this is a great blog. That photo header of your house is simply gorgeous. Your life sounds fantastic!