Friday, February 27, 2015

Out of My Comfort Zone

Today I did something that I've never done before.  I went out to meet someone in person, whom I had earlier "met" on line.  And before you ask, JP knows all about it!

I "met" C on line in November when we were both undergoing the "Orange Rhino" challenge and virtual Book Club.  She initially contacted me personally because my data mentioned my general geographical location, and it ends up that we live less than 1 hour away from each other.

We emailed each other several times a week during the month of November, mostly to encourage each other in our commitments to stop the yelling, and to vent about how incredibly hard it was to do.  Once the virtual Book Club ended, we continued to text each other periodically.  Yesterday she told me that things were rough this month, as her husband was recently laid off from his employment, but said that on the up-side, she suddenly found herself with more free time.  She asked if I'd like to meet her for coffee or lunch sometime, and I-know-this-is-short-notice-but...she would be about half way between our homes today.

I was pretty anxious about it...wondering if we would have anything at all in common besides our desires not to yell at our families.  Would I say something stupid, or would there be a lot of those awkward silences in our conversation?

So, we met at Krispy Kreme for coffee and a donut this morning, which turned into a 2 1/2 hour conversation about our families, our parents, our jobs, summer camp, school, not yelling, 2 hour delays, running, yoga, pets, coupons, interesting local festivals, you name it.  I came away with a new friend, AND a dozen donuts.

Not a shabby accomplishment for this morning!

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