Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Making Trouble

So...this hand surgery thing is proving to be a bigger dealio than I was expecting.

When my Family Doc asked about latex allergies at my yearly physical/pre-op check, I mentioned that over the past couple of years that I had developed an allergy to kiwi fruit, with itching and swelling of my mouth.  There can be some "cross-over" allergies between kiwi and latex, so she decided to test me for this during my pre-op blood work.

Lo and behold, the latex allergy test came back showing moderate to severe latex allergy!  Now, I've had lots and lots of latex exposure after working in medicine, particularly in the Operating Room, for 20 + years.  However, I have never had any reaction to gloves or medical equipment.

The results of this test surprised me, but apparently they freaked out the Orthopedic Surgeon.  His nurse, the Anesthesiologist, and he all called me yesterday.  I also sneaked in to see my kids' Allergist yesterday, to get his opinion.  He actually recommended that I carry around an Epi-Pen, which is to self administer epinephrine should I start to have an anaphylactic reaction to something!


The Anesthesiologist refuses to do my surgery at the (much closer) Outpatient Surgery Center where it was initially scheduled because of the lack of ICU facilities there.  So, it has been moved to a (more distant) hospital instead.  This is only the 3rd time in his 5 year history there that it has been done.

I'm sure I got the personal phone calls from the Surgeon and the Anesthesiologist because I did NOT simply say "ok, go ahead and move my surgery."  Instead I told them that I was disappointed that they were not accommodating my allergy, and that I was getting a second opinion from an Allergist.  (Turns out THAT didn't really help my case!)

Kicking and screaming...totally.

Let's hope that surgery and recovery go far better than the whole Pre-Operative thing has so far!


Merry Cockroft said...

Oh, gosh. So sorry. I am dropping a card in the mail to you today.

Country Girl said...

Not the end of the world, just something I NEVER expected!