Sunday, February 8, 2015

Completely Unexpected

I woke up this morning, anticipating a lazy, laid back kind of day.  We didn't have any concrete plans, except to perhaps watch a movie.

When I went in the kitchen to make my daily pot of coffee, there was a puddle of water coming out from under the refrigerator.  Great.  We had issues with the water for the ice maker/water dispenser leaking which cause flooding about 3 months ago!

Last time (luckily) the water drained through the floor and right into the girls' bathtub, which is directly below.  The paint above and around the shower surround bubbled up and peeled off, and I had intended to paint that bathroom this winter.  I even finally chose a paint color!

This time, the water again ran into the tub, staining and peeling more paint in the process.  It also travelled into the girls' room next door, and made a hole in the ceiling! 

Long story about the refrigerator, (which I actually blogged about back in 2009), The space for the refrigerator was too small, we couldn't open the doors, so our builder revised the plans and we consequently lost the door to our pantry.  Also, all of our appliances were from the Sears Scratch & Dent outfit near here, and almost every single one had problems that were more serious than scratches or dents.  When we tried to remove the fridge from the kitchen to be repaired or replaced back then, it wouldn't fit back out once the countertops were installed!  Back then, JP and 3 other men actually lifted it over the island to get it out.  Today, JP and I removed all the knobs from the base cabinets and slid it under.

We initially planned to order a new refrigerator, and had either Sears or Lowes had the right thing in stock, we may have a new refrigerator now.  They did not, and we do not.  The fridge is, however, the first thing you see when you walk in the door.  We discussed the issue, and we might just switch this one (since it still actually works) with the extra fridge, which is a bit smaller.  It's definitely the cheaper option.

While the fridge was empty, I decided to thoroughly clean it out, as it was fairly disgusting inside.  JP wondered why I did that since at that point in time, we intended to get a new one.  I told him that I didn't want the movers to think I was a slob!  Since we are likely keeping it, I'm glad it's clean!

During this whole clean up and moving process, J got a phone call from her buddy who lives up the road, to say that they were offered a bunny with a fancy pedigree, along with cage, feeder and water bottle for $20, would she be interested?

Ultimately, our friends brought the bunny by to see if we wanted it, and he now resides in the Chickbit house, along with our 14 hens.  He is a cute little thing, soft as velvet.  J and Granddad are formulating the perfect high-falutin' pedigree rabbit name, so for now he's just "Bunny."

Downstairs is still a mess, with the ceiling tiles out in the bathroom, plaster all over the floor in the girls' bedroom, and fans running both places.  I'm trying to avoid going down there, as it makes me feel sick to my stomach.

JP has run to town for rabbit supplies, and to pick up some dinner...we haven't eaten since breakfast!

I should really go downstairs and clean up a little bit.  I really should...

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