Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekend Activities

Well, the girls' first week back to school was pretty much of a bust:  1 full day, 2 - 2 hour delays, and 2 snow days.  We have one full day in so far this week, and it's lightly snowing outside.  For most of the winter, JP puts the phone on my side of the bed during the week nights, so that I am the one to answer that lovely 5 AM call from our Superintendent.

It was also extremely cold for several days last week - into the minus F numbers cold!  (Blast!)  The chickens are so much warmer in their new home, that many days they don't even bother going outside!  It was extremely quiet in there yesterday, so I peeked in to see what the hens were up to.  They had all scratched themselves little nests out of the bedding, and were quietly resting.  Even they know a good thing when they see it!

JP and I built a redneck cover for the coal bin.  He had intended to use a tarp, but it has consistently filled loose pockets with rain or melted snow, which ultimately re-freeze into huge blocks of ice and have already torn the tarp up.  We had some pieces of metal left over from the Chick-Bit house project, as well as "scrap" pieces of other colors which were used to protect the pieces we bought during delivery.  Consequently, we have ended up with a Roof of Many Colors!

During some down time in the roof construction, I formed a pile of snow into an almost recognizable Jabba the Hut Snow Guy.   It's not always all work, work, work up on the Hill!

I had to outline him so you can see his bulk, since
my photography skills are about as good as my
snow sculpting ones!
Today I put away the remainder of the winter decorations.  The girls were disappointed when we finally arrived home after school, piano lessons and dentist appointments.  It's true...typically I leave all my snowman collection out through January.  I simply felt very ready today, to return to normalcy.

Here's to another January week, y'all.  Boy oh boy, this is a LOOOOONG month!

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