Monday, January 26, 2015

Finally...Snow! And a Party...

We finally got our first decent snow of the winter overnight on Friday.  It was/is gorgeous, with the trees frosted, and all the brown grass and mud covered in pristine white.

The only hitch in L's Birthday party on Saturday, was that one of the Moms slid off our driveway and did some minor damage to her car.  JP pulled her to safety with the tractor.  The girls seemed to have fun, playing games, touring the tree house, and making their own pizzas.  I was relieved, as there was quite a bit of drama ahead of time, with half of the girls L invited never responding one way or the other, and causing her some emotional distress. 

All of the birthdays on Poplar Ridge are now over for another year!

  It is snowing again today, on top of sloppy melted snow from the weekend, and rain overnight.  It looks gorgeous out the windows, but the roads are somewhat treacherous.  I headed North again this morning to see the Dermatologist, and am glad to be home safe and sound.

The girls will be glad to know that piano lessons have been cancelled for this afternoon, allowing them time to play in the snow.  They enjoyed catching snow flakes on their tongues after dark last night.


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