Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Checklist #2

We are a mere day and a half away from Christmas Vacation, and the Big Day itself is looming ever nearer!  We are slowly but surely getting things squared away and ready to celebrate!

The Christmas cards finally arrived, and I have written our yearly letter (carefully fitting it on the front side of one page only!).  About half of them have been sent out, and I am working on the rest.


All of the gifts have been wrapped.


The girls and I baked Christmas cookies today, and delivered a basket full to my parents.


We even took the afternoon off yesterday, and went to watch "Mary Poppins - the Musical".  Afterwards we stopped at our favorite Indian restaurant for take out.  It was a lot of fun!

The dog still needs a bath and a haircut (can't see her eyes any longer...that's the cue.)  The girls' room needs to be swept and dusted.  There is a washer full of clothes that need started and a basketful that need to folded.  I just found out that my brother and family will be celebrating with us too (hooray!)  There is no end of things to do, but Christmas is coming, and we are READY!

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