Monday, November 10, 2014

We Had a Fantastic Weekend!

JP and worked our tails off this weekend.  We were exhausted and sore when we went to bed last night.  It was the good kind of exhaustion though, the kind that comes with knowledge of a job well done.

Friday evening, we moved the hens to their new abode while they were drowsy and roosting.  They seemed to tolerate the move without issues.  After we got their fencing up and stabilized on Saturday morning, we let them out to explore.

Sleepy hens trying to get their bearings
in the new place!
The roosts hinge up for easy cleaning underneath, and
we have easy access to both their area and the nests
 from a hallway.
These are the nest boxes...actually kitty litter
boxes that slide out for easy cleaning.  Look!
They know how to use it!
Here come the ladies after we opened up
their little door!
Here they are, exploring out doors!

JP boosted me up in the bucket of the tractor to finish staining the tree house.

He hooked up the electric to the chicken fencing while I hung out laundry.

He mowed the grass for one last time while I gathered more leaves for the garden and pulled out the rest of the chickens' old fencing.  Together we gathered up some huge piles of leaves that he mowed into a pile and spread them on the garden too.

For dinner, we had our favorite hearty beef stew and a crusty, chewy artisinal loaf of bread that John baked.  Along with the remainder of a bottle of wine that went into the stew, we had an enjoyable meal with the girls.

Yesterday we moved the remainder of the pile of cut wood from last year, and JP split some of it.  We also covered the coal bin with a tarp to keep it somewhat dry.

Our friends came over later, and we spent the afternoon drinking tea and chatting.

It was a lovely but busy weekend!

Today the girls are home because of Teacher In-Service.  Already we have been to the Orthodontist and I have been to a job interview, and have sausage in the pressure canner.  We have many other plans in the works for this afternoon, so I need to run along...hope you are all off to a good start to the week as well!

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Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

Wowsers! I love that chicken house! It's incredible! The nesting continues up on the ridge!