Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pat on the Back

I seem to have won the admiration of some random truck driver when I was at the local potable water station this afternoon.  He approached me when I was filling up my water buffalo for the second time.  "Would you teach my wife to haul water?" he asked.  "It sure would help me out."

"No problem!" I told him, and then we lapsed into small talk about dry wells and dry summers until my buffalo was full.

I'm pretty proud of myself, actually.  I finally mastered the art of driving Ole Bessie (1989 Ford F150 = big, old and stick shift), and then jumped right into hauling around 1600 lbs of water in the back!

The temperature seems to have dropped while I was out there, and now I am chilled to the bone and the bed of the truck is slick with ice.  I have a nice cup of tea brewing.  Ahhh.

1 comment:

Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

You ROCK, girl! I never touched Ole Bessie--she was too particular. I'm terribly impressed.