Sunday, November 16, 2014

Flannel Sheets & Comfort Food

This weekend, I changed the sheets on our bed and put on the flannel sheets. cozy!

Comfort was the theme of our weekend, as 2 out of 4 of us have colds, and I seem to be right on the verge of getting something.

Friday evening, we had a visit from JP's sister and brother-in-law from Japan.  They are in the States for a few weeks, and stopped here on their way West.  They brought with them JP's old buddy, Spunky!  The comfort food for our foreign visitors was homemade pasta with home cooked sauce and meatballs, freshly baked bread, homemade pumpkin roll and homemade vanilla ice cream.  (Yes, I was in fact in the the kitchen all day!)

They had to travel on after our favorite Saturday morning breakfast of whole wheat pancakes with Poplar Ridge maple syrup, crispy bacon, and fresh eggs.

Last night we took my mother out to dinner to celebrate her birthday.  J baked a 2 layer cake and frosted it with cream cheese frosting that she also made, and we shared that with her and my dad this afternoon.

We lazed around on the sofa all afternoon, watching "The Sound of Music" (another Movie-cation flick), and drinking endless mugs of tea.

The comfort food  tonight was chicken and dumplings with more freshly baked bread.

I feel like turning in early, to snuggle in my cozy flannel sheets and read.

Eat, sleep, read and movies...not a bad way to spend a weekend!

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