Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Where's the Bear? #1

After re-visiting the old blog of a friend this Spring, J has wanted to commit blatant plagiarism and do a contest where we post a picture and ask for your ideas for a funny, witty or snarky caption to go along with it.  She and her sister posed myriads of Playmobile people and animals and snapped photos all summer, intended for just such a contest.

After the giant bear arrived at J's birthday party last weekend, however, we have had a difficult time finding the right spot to keep a bear over 5 feet tall!  Consequently, it has been moved around to various unlikely and absurd locations, and I started snapping photos of my own.

Thus is born our plagiarized  Create a Caption Contest!  Please enter as many captions as you feel compelled to write.  Next Wednesday, J and I will pick a winner.  The prize will be a photo of the giant bear sent straight to your smart phone for your viewing and sharing pleasure!

Because I have had a hard time getting going this morning, we'll start with this photo:


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