Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blinded by Science

The Polar Vortex hit our corner of the world overnight.  Polar Vortices and myself are not on great terms.  It was they that made my January and February excruciating earlier this year.  I needed a way to make today more tolerable, so (at a friend's urging) I volunteered to help out at a program at the Elementary School.  A gentleman with a curled mustache, called "Mr. Will" brought a mobile Science Safari to the Gym.  2 other moms and myself helped "Mr. Will" show the kids how to do the various experiments.  It was a lot of fun, and the afternoon flew by.  Besides, it was nice and warm in the Gym!

This is me in the Bubble Tower!
Here I am with my new friend, Bucky.
I stopped on my way home to drop off my parent's mail at their house.  My dad has been doing more genealogical work since it's too cold to work outside.  He told me that he discovered an ancestor who lived in Germany over 1000 years ago, who was no less than royalty.  In fact, he was the King...but only after he murdered his father to take the throne.  Luckily he had some progeny before his cousin killed him in order to take the throne, otherwise I wouldn't be here today!  I had another ancestor in Germany who went swimming in the sea as a young woman, and happened to be impregnated by some sort of shape shifting sea monster.  (You can read the story & see a drawing of my 53rd great grandfather here!)

The girls are home, and avoiding homework at all costs.  In other words, it's a fairly typical night.  J managed to sprain her ankle on the way out of school this afternoon, so she has her foot propped up on pillows.  Both girls have been invited to be flower girls in their cousin's wedding this summer, so there is a lot of emotion flowing regarding that, as well J's birthday party this weekend, to which one of her friends is unable to come.

I need to go check the fire before I stick dinner in the oven.  I'm hoping that this Polar Vortex will not be hanging around much longer!


Sally said...

Methinks that Bucky was cheating on me with another Mom and now I have proof!

Country Girl said...

I met him first!