Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick-Or-Treat (Smell My Feet!)

For all of you peeps out there planning on doing the Halloween Trick-Or-Treat thing tonight, we've already been there, done that, all done folks!  For some crazy reason, our town does Trick-Or-Treat on the Thursday BEFORE Halloween, have for years.  Not only that, but the kids get a half day on that Thursday, so that they are ready by 4 PM at Go Time!  Now tell me, wouldn't it have been awesome to do Trick-Or-Treat TODAY on the actual Halloween day, and have a half day of school, and then the entire weekend in which to lay around eating candy?  I certainly think so!

In any case, it's done.  Yesterday I spent most of the day in L's classroom, helping with their party, and reading a book to the kids.  I picked up the girls from school so that we would have extra time to work on our pumpkins before candy time!

This year, J went for a French Monsieur, complete with moustache...ooh la la!  L tried different shapes and patterns on hers.  I went for more of a lantern effect.

L chose a Bollywood Dancer costume early on, but decided against it once she realized that her belly was showing (refused to wear a shirt under.)  Luckily, on my little outing with the Ladies a couple of weeks ago, I found a cute little colonial style dress at the Goodwill.  It fit her perfectly, and along with a hat made by Aunt C before our trip to Williamsburg a couple of years ago, it made a great costume!  J had her heart set on Pikachu, and froze out there in the trenches!


We had a good time, the girls slept well last night, but JP and I were so busy cleaning up multiple messes, that we forgot to raid the candy stashes once the girls were in bed.  Oh well, there's always tonight!

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