Monday, October 27, 2014


I have been waiting for this day since late August - the first day after soccer is all over with, when after school time will be carefree and not at all rushed.  The first day when we don't have a million things to do after school.  It didn't quite turn out all free and easy today, but the girls and I did enjoy a little walk outside in the sunshine, and J is still AWOL out there somewhere.

The girls played their last soccer games of the season yesterday afternoon.  We celebrated with lunch at Dairy Queen, complete with Blizzards!

We have been working hard toward getting the Chick-bit house ready to house at least chickens...rabbits will come later.  Since the days have been getting shorter, we are getting fewer eggs all the time.  I have gone from supplying a dozen a week to my parents and all the eggs we can use plus selling 3 or 4 dozen a week, to barely having enough for our family!  The 14 hens are only laying about 3-4 eggs daily.  Once we get them in a space where we can turn on lights, the production should increase significantly! 

On Saturday, JP and I finished insulating the entire structure, walls and ceiling.  I also finished painting the outside eaves.  Today, Dad and I put metal up on 2 out of 3 inside walls, and I put a second coat of paint on the second clean-out door and the outside door.

The inside of this door still needs some work!
We hope to get the last wall and the ceiling panels up tomorrow.  Once that is finished, Dad can start building the nest boxes and the inside wall to separate the chickens (Chick) from the rabbits (bits.)

After lunch, I spent about 45 minutes staining the railings in the tree house.  I have lots more to do, but hopefully I can finish it up tomorrow. 

I timed it so that I could come in to get a shower and leave in time to pick up J from school and get her to an emergency orthodontist appointment (her wires were tearing up the inside of her mouth) and then pick up L from piano lessons.

While I was in the shower, the dogs started barking.  Apparently the tri-axle load of logs had arrived.  I took the quickest shower ever, dried off slightly, threw on sweats and a sweatshirt and ran outside.  In those 8 minutes or so, they had managed to off load about half of a truck load of the wrong place!  I explained where I wanted the second load to go, and they told me they preferred cash for payment.  I managed to scrounge up the cash, finish dressing, grab a bag of Puff Corn for the girls' snack, and took off for town about 10 minutes later than I had hoped.

I didn't manage to remember L's piano books, so she didn't actually get her piano lesson tonight - it has been rescheduled for Wednesday afternoon.  J's mouth is feeling better.  We now have 2 loads of logs that need to be cut up before winter.  I actually had 15 minutes to sit down and blog.  I have a Library Board meeting tonight, so I need to get dinner made and the kids and myself fed in the next hour. 

Maybe tomorrow will be a carefree and easy after school time!

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