Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Break

Our little Fall Break is going by way too fast!  The girls were out of school yesterday and today for Parent-Teacher Conferences and Teacher In-Service Days.  JP has been off all week to work on building the Chick-bit House (Chicken and Rabbit).  Of course it has rained nearly every afternoon, and they have had to return things to the lumber store several times because the incorrect items were delivered last weekend.  Consequently, things are running behind schedule.

My conference with L's teacher was very nice.  She told me a lot of sweet things about L, and we discussed ways to get her to branch out and read some different books.  We met one of L's friends in the park later in the afternoon to play.  It was interesting to watch her interact with this little girl - her mannerisms and speech changed to imitate the friend!

J had soccer practice in the rain last night, and with the ever decreasing daylight hours, it was nearly pitch black when they packed up!

I got my flu shot this morning,  and have a sore arm tonight.

JP wanted to do something together today, and everyone said they were tired of going to the Museums in the Big City!  We decided (because of rain) to see a movie down South, and hit the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and Lowe's while we were there.  We watched "The  Boxtrolls" at a different theater and time than originally intended because of traffic and time constraints.  We ended up being the only people in the theater for the entertaining movie.

The Re-Store visit was a bust, and by the time we dragged our sorry behinds into Lowe's we were all pooped.  We did manage to come home with another window and door for the Chick-bit House, but unfortunately not recycled ones.  JP and I carried the girls downstairs to bed, and have been tying up loose ends since then.

Tomorrow Accuweather is promising sunshine.  That would be lovely.

I'll leave you with some pictures of the Chick-bit House construction:

Framing out the structure.

With the outside layer of metal on...the window is from
Re-Store.  The two openings at the bottom of the walls
will be for panels that can be raised to scoop/sweep
litter out of the enclosures.

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