Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Essentially Unemployed

Well, I just returned home from a meeting with my employers, and I am now essentially unemployed.  I had been employed per diem, which basically means that I work as they need me, but it had been pretty steady until this past summer.  I have been working less and less over the past several months because of some changes going on.  As of today, I don't have any per diem work to do until possibly November.  I'm not exactly fired, but...I don't exactly have a job to return to later either.  Strange.

I have a couple of options on the table, but I am not sure about the viability of the one, or the desirability of the other at  this point.  Right now I am just sad.  I used to like my job, but lately it has become increasingly frustrating, and now...it's just gone.

I cleared out my few belongings from the office after my meeting, which always makes everything so final.  They are sitting on the dining room table at the moment, until I figure out what to do with stuff.

I think I'll go pull weeds in my flower bed.  Gardening therapy has been successful in the past...

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Anonymous said...

O gosh. . .they didn't deserve you there. I hope other options work out well--but until then: take a breather, enjoy some more time in your day, recuperate. You deserve it!