Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Die Job

Our major kitchen appliances are failing us right and left lately.  The ice maker on the refrigerator sprung a leak a couple of months ago, which lead to major buckling of the hard wood floor where the water sat for hours.  Although we repaired the leak, we could not get the ice maker working again.  We are getting by with ice made the old fashioned way - in trays, which is a pain in the patootie for our family that loves ice in our water bottles!

On Saturday morning, JP had just finished heating water on the cook top to make coffee.  He lifted up the tea kettle, and we saw sparks and heard a small explosion and the thing blew the circuit.  Once the circuit was turned back on, the cooktop read an error message, which lead us to the knowledge that we would be sinking around $500 into repairs...about half of the value of the cooktop...plus information that it would probably happen again.  We decided to replace the cooktop with a different brand.  Luckily, although our main cook top died, we still have our 2 back up gas burners that we can use until our new induction range arrives!

Yesterday it became obvious that something died in the closet in my bedroom.  I was hoping it was merely stinky shoes, but after fairly thorough investigation, that does not appear to be the case.  Now the stench is leaking into the bathroom, so the culprit must be in the wall between the two.  I've had the door and windows open all day, hoping to air out the place, and it is somewhat better.  Let's hope this is short lived!

This morning I got another section of the tree house railing stained.  It has been extremely blustery today, to the point that it actually blew the stain off my brush on several occasions!  Apparently it also blew my ponytail into wet stain too, a fact which I discovered in the shower several hours later.  2 shampoos and conditioner treatments later, it is still stiff and sticky feeling.  Now THAT'S a bad dye job!

There is still a lot of staining to do...I think I'll
need a ladder at some point!

On the bright side, Dad and I finished putting up metal on the inside of the Chick-bit house.  The ceiling panels, into which we had to cut 6 holes for light fixtures, were a killer!  I'm currently sitting here with a heating pad on my shoulders, trying to recover!

It has turned out to be a rather laid back evening.  The girls are finishing up homework, and I should get some dinner fixed.  JP works late, so we will either watch a movie this evening, or carve our pumpkins.  Ah...no soccer practice tonight!

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