Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer Projects

Just a follow up on some projects that I started earlier this summer...

The bank behind the pool has a steep slope and needed help to prevent erosion and weeds.  I tried planting Vinca last Fall, but it hardly had a chance to get started before winter hit - and hit HARD!  Half of the plants did not make it.  I replanted on Mother's Day, and then added some ground cover that my Mom was thinning out of her beds:  bright green Creeping Jenny, and lacy Sweet Woodruff.

Here is how things are looking now.  They are growing voraciously, and I have weeded and mulched the flat areas next to the pool.  I haven't been able to push the mower for a couple of weeks, so the grass is long...sorry.

Last month I did a bit more on a project that I have been working toward for a couple of years.  I wanted to separate the driveway from the house and my shade bed in the "coffin", by putting in stepping stones and growing a Moss Garden.  It took several years of saving up large, flat stones, and trying to rid the area of weeds and grass that seeded themselves in.

Then I used this Moss Milkshake, and several bits of moss that I scavenged from other areas of Poplar Ridge.

One month out, we are starting to see bits of moss growing here and there!

It is very satisfying to see projects come to fruition...especially ones that had shaky starts.  My back is feeling better daily, so I'm hoping that next week, after my Exams are over with, I can work on the next one...

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