Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Been a Mad Mad Mad Mad Week

Piano lessons were added this week to our already packed schedule.  L has yet to practice (I hope her teacher is NOT reading this post!)

A sea foam green electric guitar arrived from Amazon for Miss J, who is starting lessons NEXT week.

To complicate matters, J broke her little finger in Gym Class yesterday.  I received my second call ever from the school nurse regarding the injury about 1 1/2 hours before school let out.  We went in to the Hospital for xrays last night instead of going to soccer practice.

I took JP's old truck down the road to the repair shop earlier this week.  They said they couldn't fix it, and recommended another shop.  I stopped by today to take it there, and it wouldn't start.  They kindly offered to jump start it for me, but when the gentleman snapped the cables on to my battery, the car alarm went off.  I had to return home for the key fob in order to attempt the jump a second time.

I arrived at the muffler shop 30 minutes late, so the proprietor told me it would be 30 minutes before he could put the truck on the lift.  I left it running in his parking lot because of the battery situation.  In my opinion, if someone wanted to drive off in it, 1) they were welcome to it, and 2) they wouldn't get far!

I assisted my Mom with grocery shopping in return for a ride home.

The Muffler Man called with an enormous estimate.

J is attending her first ever dance at the Middle School this evening.  She asked me if she had to have a date.  I told her that she was not ALLOWED to have a date, which led into the whole "how old do I have to be to date, anyway?" conversation, to which I responded, "21!"

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

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