Wednesday, August 20, 2014

T Minus 4 Days, and Counting...

As much as I hate to admit it, summer is quickly drawing to a close.  JP took off 3 days this week so that we could do a few things together as a family while we still have these long, unscheduled days.

Last Thursday, the girls and I headed to an amusement park with some friends.  This is the first summer that we didn't visit our favorite amusement park, Idlewild, so I was a little sad about that.  We had a good time, but the girls did not enthuse about heading back next year.  I did not enjoy driving through the big city to get there either.  I guess that time will tell whether this will end up being our new yearly activity.

The following afternoon, we had a bunch of friends out for a pool party.  Unfortunately, rain and cool weather for the first part of the week dropped the water temperature to about 79 or 80 degrees...brrrr!

On Monday, we took another rafting trip down a nearby river.  This time, we seemed to have a lot of hang-ups on rocks in shallow water, and we were weary by the end of the trip (and that was BEFORE JP and I had to carry our raft up the hill to the truck!)  At one point, L got bounced out of the raft as we were going through a spot of white water, and JP and I had to haul her back in by her life jacket.  J was able to retrieve her floating oar.

Tuesday morning, we drove down South to our old stomping grounds in WV.  We visited the little zoo there, which has had an exhibit of animatronic dinosaurs all summer that L has been eager to visit.  I remember strolling by myself through this zoo while JP was on eternal call as a resident, but it has improved significantly in the past 12 years!  The dinos were ok, but we enjoyed watching the 3 African Wild Dog puppies cavorting even more, and the Lorikeets were a bit hit.  We were able to offer them a small cup of nectar, which would entice them down to our arms or shoulders.  One little guy flew down to JP's shoulder and licked his neck incessantly!

That afternoon, we ate at one of our favorite restaraunts - a tiny Italian dive, where they make all their own pasta.  Delicious!

Today was a lazy day at home.  JP managed to get the new faucet installed at the kitchen sink (the old one broke a few days ago, and we've been having to turn the water on and off under the sink!), and we both went through a few stacks of accumulating papers.  Of course, we made use of the pool out back at every possible opportunity.

Tomorrow we are on a quest for peaches.  I hope we aren't too late!

I head back to work on Friday, and that only leaves the weekend before the girls head to 2 different schools.

Sigh.  Where did the summer go?

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