Saturday, August 9, 2014


We have had a very full week!  The Pool Man came out on Thursday and hooked up our pump and filter, then the Water Guy brought out an additional 5,400 gallons of water.  I estimate that I have spent about 12-15 hours over the past 4 days working on the pool:  skimming out leaves that blew in when the cover blew off in a storm in November, cleaning, adding chemicals, cleaning, adding chemicals, cleaning, and installing the ladder/stairs.  The girls and I went in for a bit yesterday, but the chlorine levels are too high for playing in today.  Bummer.  I'm hoping that once things get regulated, it will be much less upkeep, because I don't have the time or desire right now to keep this up!

We also spent a morning at Mingo Creek catching and identifying butterflies.

And it is Fair Week, so we spent our requesite evening there, seeing the animals, enjoying the petting zoo, eating walking tacos and ice cream, and riding the rides.  (The rides were pretty lame this year!)
L rode on the Monster Truck!
J made friends with the Pygmy Goats.
We are heading to the amusement park next week, so we should get our fill of rides there anyway!
It is way too hot to work outside today, so I am hitting the books.  Enjoy your weekend!

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