Sunday, August 24, 2014


We are now down to fewer than 24 hours before the girls will head off to their first days of school.  J was awakened by a bad dream in the wee hours this morning, so she and I snuggled downstairs and talked for a good 30-45 minutes about school.   I think she is feeling somewhat less anxious about things today.  Her biggest fear:  getting lost.  I told her to follow people and don't be afraid to ask for directions...she'll get the hang of it quickly!

We continued to fill the week with fun activities.  Thursday was a rainy day, so we played board games and hung out together.  After work on Friday, we all raced home and jumped into the swimming pool!  Yesterday, JP mowed for hours and hours, and after J and I baked a peach pie and got 2 trays of chicken enchiladas ready to pop into the oven, we got in the pool again.  It is so convenient to have it just out the side door!

L decided last night that she wanted to have a hair cut!

This is the shortest it has ever been, and she says that she is happy with it!

Today we made a quick trip to Walmart to pick up last minute school supplies.  (One idea that J and I came up with last night was to put a small pencil pocket in her binder so that she didn't have to either carry around loose pencils or a bulky pencil box.)  When we arrived home, JP found the archery target, and we all took turns trying out the new compound practice bow.  It was pretty fun!  Now we are waiting for friends to arrive to play in the pool again!


I honestly could not tell you what we did this summer, besides our fun trip out West in June.  The entire time flew by.  At the end of every Summer Vacation, I have regrets that I did not spend enough time hanging out with the girls, and this year is no different.  I know we had lots of lazy afternoons, where we all laid around reading together, and there were definitely days that I could not wait for school to start back because the bickering was seemingly endless.

So with the many good times, and the few not-so-good ones, we are wrapping it up.  Next week we head into school and soccer.  The following week we add in music lessons as well. 

What a ride!

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