Monday, July 7, 2014


Last Friday, we drove South on I-5, through Washington and into Oregon, past the sleeping volcanoes of the Cascade Range - Mt. Ranier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood.  It was cloudy, with torrents of rain at times, so we only caught glimpses of them here and there.  We stopped at a Mt. St. Helens Information Center so that the girls could learn something about the volcanic eruption that JP and I experienced first hand in 1980.  We decided to forgo the 1.5 mile hike to the scenic outlook because of the cloud cover and impending rain.

We arrived in Albany at the home of our friends from our WV days at dinner time, and the girls immediately found the swings in their backyard. 

While in Albany, we visited the Historic Carousel and Museum.  The community has formed a design studio to create 52 new carousel pieces to be placed on an antique mechanism that has been restored.  These pieces are not just ponies either, we saw a salmon, a frog, an elephant, a couple of bears, a fox, and a poodle...just to name a few.

Next we visited the Monteith House, a restored Pioneer-Era home.  All 4 of the girls attempted to carry water in two buckets on a yoke.  Then they played in the river.

Our next adventure included driving on winding roads through evergreen forests to Diamond Lake.  The girls rode paddle boats way out into the lake, and played at the shore.

The following morning, after a sustaining breakfast at the Lodge, we drove about 15 miles to Crater Lake.  We hiked down to the lake, and took a 2 hour boat tour.  The hike back up to the rim was a killer!

The "Old Man", a tree that has been floating in the lake
for over a century!

Both J & L say that it was one of the highlights of our entire vacation...

...especially the snow ball fight!

We said farewell to our friends at the rim of Crater Lake, and turned our Subaru towards the Oregon coast.  We arrived there just as the sun was setting.

...To Be Continued...

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