Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stormy Weather

We had a crazy thunder storm last night, complete with lightening.  While we were cleaning up from eating dinner out on the veranda, lightening struck a tree down the hill from the tree house, completely exploding it!  JP and J saw it happen, I was around the corner of the garage, but heard and felt it.

During the night we had hail and pouring rain, almost 2 inches worth, which washed much of our driveway away.  There is another wild system headed our way for tonight, with similar chances of damaging winds, hail and rain.

The rain I don't mind.  It is much needed for the garden, and now the grass that I seeded down the hill.  The grass is coming up, and soon we will have an unblemished hill again.

In the garden, the Fall peas have been planted.  The girls' garden bed is looking lovely.  J has cauliflower, okra, tomatillos and a little volunteer vine, which ended up being a pretty gourd of some kind. 

Okra & Marigolds

Tomatillos & Gourd

L has a big bunch of parsley, a little row of cabbages, and brocolli.

The wind and hail managed to flatten the corn, which will soon be ready to eat.  After it dries out a bit from tonight's storm, I will try to tie it up again.

In between rains, we finally managed to fit in the yard sale that the girls have been planning and prepping for since early last Fall.  We dragged several boxes of stuff in to our friends' home in town, since we don't get much traffic past our home in the country.  They sold a few things, but it was pretty meager.  JP finally showed up at noon and offered the girls $20 for everything that was left, which we promptly dropped off at the nearest Thrift Store.  It wasn't as successful as they had hoped, but they are $57.50 richer than they were before, and my storage room looks much less crowded!

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