Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Circle of Life

Remember those cute baby birds out in the Ficus?  One morning last week, J noticed that they had disappeared.  I must inform you, they were definitely not big enough to fly away at that point.  We have to assume that either one of our marauding cats or a coon got them, as the nest was completely destroyed as well.  So sad!

This afternoon, as I sat on the deck, my Dad hollered from over at his house that a newborn fawn was lying near our driveway.  We hurried down the hill, and found the tiny fawn lying in the grass, taking in deep breaths of air, its brown eyes wide and unblinking.  His fur was still wet, and the afterbirth was lying on the ground nearby.  As we watched, he suddenly rolled to his side, rocked a few times until he got to his feet, and then leaped away down the hill, stumbling and falling once or twice.

My Dad thinks that the doe was frightened away when our friends drove up the driveway in their car a few minutes earlier.  By the time that the skies let loose and the rain started to pour a few minutes later, I'm sure that the little guy was tucked safely into the underbrush with his Mama.

It's hard to connect that sweet little fawn with the deer that are driving me to desperation lately.  Lazy Laura did not keep them out of my garden, and by Monday, all of the strawberry plants were eaten off and the berries trampled, many of the beans were munched, and one bed of peas were gnawed down by several inches.  I managed to put up an extra row of deer netting around the lower 1/3 of the garden, above what was already hung (thanks to our friends who left us yards and yards of the stuff when they moved West.)

I ventured back out this morning, and saw no signs of new visitors over the preceding 36 hours.  We'll see how long this lasts...

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