Monday, June 16, 2014

Over My Head

I ventured into town in Old Bessie this morning, and picked up 3 - 100 foot rolls of 6 foot high welded wire fencing.  My Dad offered to help me get a better fence up around the garden to keep the deer out.  We only got one roll up before the day got too hot, but it already looks better...the bottom of the garden now has fencing that stands over my head!

It looks like the beans are coming back after being munched, I'm not sure about the strawberries yet.
I've wrapped up the blueberry bushes, to protect the growing berries...just in case.
We had a nice weekend.  We spent Saturday evening with friends, and took a lovely walk on the hill.  On Sunday afternoon, we made barbecue for my parents and my grandma.  L helped my Dad retrieve an Indigo Bunting from his chimney chase.
J discovered this enormous snake coming down out of a tree by the compost on Sunday.  There is an Oriole nest in this tree, so I'm sure he has a gullet full of eggs or chicks in this picture!

I'll leave you with this picture of one of J's tomatillo plants.  Isn't it beautiful?

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