Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

It is a grey and dreary morning, but I am feeling refreshed (went to bed early last night, slept well, and have already exercised) and loved.

We went out for dinner with my parents on Saturday in honor of Dad's Birthday.  We all returned here for cherry pie, ice cream and tea.

The girls spent a lot of time over the weekend making ingenious Mother's Day cards, and crafts.  We finally had a chance to get out the girls' summer clothes, just in time for an 80* heat wave.

This card slides open and the picture is "magically" colored!
On Sunday, we went to MOTHER India for lunch, and then to MOTHER Earth Nursery to buy some plants. I spent the afternoon planting my outdoor pots, moving things around in my flower beds, replanting ground cover behind the pool, and mowing the paths in the garden.

Mom and I worked out there on Friday, and now have the beans planted.  She was remarking how she couldn't do things fast any more, and worrying that she wouldn't be able to continue gardening for many more years.  I reassured her that she was allowed to slow down at this point in her life, that she did not have to be in a hurry to do things, and because of that, she should be able to keep working for a lot longer.  I feel myself aging, and so I have an inkling of what she is concerned about, and I have to keep telling myself that it is ok to slow down too. 

Lastly, Mama Hen, who raised a lovely brood of chicks last year, has become remarkably anti-social.  Every morning, she hops out of the enclosure and free-ranges all day.  She returns to the hen barge at night, but roosts up in the ceiling, away from everyone else.  She is quite tame, however, and runs up to me when I take treats to the hens, and will take snippets of veggies from my hands.  I actually think that she might be the only hen with half a brain!

I hope that all of you Mothers out there also felt truly treasured and loved yesterday, and that feeling will propel you through the end of school!

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