Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Most excellently, thank you!

The gardens on Poplar Ridge are entering their 4th season, and looking better than ever!  The extra time that I have had to spend on planting and weed control are showing, as is the fact that the continued amendments to the soil are really helping to improve the growing power!  I have finally stopped kicking myself for the back injury which slowed me down last Fall, as the garden neglect does not seem to have made a huge negative impact on the garden...just goes to show how much better it could be next year with a little more TLC this Fall!

Here is a portion of what I harvested from the garden on Monday:  Baby Lettuce and Spinach, Radishes and Asparagus.  I also picked (and ate) the first strawberry yesterday!

The flower gardens are basically on Auto-Pilot at this point.  I have spent a little bit of time moving things around and dead-heading recently.  At some point, I hope to weed well and then mulch.  It is getting closer and closer to my goal of not needing that attention, as the plantings are consuming more and more space, making space for weeds unattainable!  Right now, the peonies are displaying their full and fragrant glory. 

The Irises and Lupine are just about done.

This might just be a really good time to weed since it rained last night...I had better head down to the garden!

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