Thursday, May 15, 2014


It is raining again today.  JP announced this morning that it was scheduled to last all day.  I was hoping to get out into the garden and do some weeding.  The last rain, followed by a couple of days of sunshine, really got the weeds growing.  I found this in my garden on Sunday and Monday this week:
I mean...just look at that WEED!

Gardening is not going to happen today, so it seems.  I have lots of other things that I SHOULD be doing:  exercising, getting out my sewing machine and doing the mending, studying for my all important Board Exams.
Eh.  Don't feel inspired at the moment.  Instead I'll post these pictures of my lovely flowers, which are also quite happy with the rain and sunshine.

The Clematis is doing just what it should -
beautifying this boring wall!

This Lupine makes me think of my dear friend,
M, who gave me a start of it before she moved.

How are you spending this glorious Thursday?


Anonymous said...

Oh, my, that lupine is lovely!

That snake is also lovely, in its own very serpentine way. Great photo, with its tiny red tongue sticking out. What did you do with it?

Country Girl said...

I left it there, figuring it could keep the mole and chipmunk population in check!