Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Down South

We returned Sunday night from a short escape to the South.  JP had a conference to attend in Williamsburg, VA, so the rest of us went along for an "Educational Leave" (aka Spring Break, since ours was spent in the snow in Jan/Feb.)

When we left our corner of PA, the crocuses were blooming, and the temps were milder, but the grass was still brown and dry.  We actually had two small grass fires in the prior week - one near the wood burner, and one by the incinerator.  It was pouring rain when we pulled out of our driveway.

There's a Primrose coming up too!

Down South, it was full on Spring.  The trees were blooming, with tiny green leaves sprouting, and many Spring flowers were in bloom as well.  The days were sunny, with temperatures in the 70's and near 80...things we haven't seen at home since November! 

We stopped at our favorite "Museum" on our way South, the Frontier Museum in Staunton, VA.  We didn't have long to visit before it closed for the day, but we visited the English and German farms, as well as the Irish Blacksmith's shop, the 1800 American school house and farm, the 1700 log cabin, and the Native American village.

Playing a game at the
Native American
Writing on slates in the
School House

Twisting linen at the English Farm
Playing the German scheitholt
In Williamsburg, the conference was held at a Great Wolf Lodge, which almost outdoes itself in amenities and activities for kids.  The girls spent hours and hours in the indoor water park.  I was suffering through the particularly nasty cold that JP had the week before, so I was relieved that the girls are finally at the age that I could trust them to be off on their own.  I spent a lot of time in the 21 and over hot tub, and reading in a deck chair, while they had the run of the place.  I figured that the famous pacing life guards of Great Wolf Lodge had their backs as well!

On a particularly lovely day, we bit the bullet and bought the extremely pricey tickets to visit Colonial Williamsburg.  I was worried that the girls would whine the whole time, since they wanted to be back at the water park, but we had a very enjoyable (although tiring) day.  We visited multiple sites around Colonial Williamsburg, and spoke to several interpreters.  The girls enjoyed collecting punches on their maps from different sites that we visited, in order to win a souvenir pin.

Near the Governor's Mansion
In handcuffs
Gunpowder stores
at the Magazine
The Public Gaol
The Wigmaker's Shop
We arrived home to more chilly temperatures and more rain.  However, in our absence, the grass has begun to green up, and some more of my flowers have bloomed, including the Lenten Roses and Hyacinths.

It is so good to be home!  I am finally feeling better, but now poor L seems to be the next victim of the Raging Virus.  JP and myself are recovering from inadequate sleep in a Hotel bed, and from the loss of L's special blanket, and one of our pillow cases during a visit by Housekeeping.  Once the rain lets up, I need to head to the garden!

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Anonymous said...

I have sweet memories of c. Williamsburg. . .my 'uncle' used to be a reinactor there! I' glad you all are fitting in some good relaxation between the hard work. Kudos.