Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dust Bunnies

Right now I feel about as big and ineffectual as the dust bunnies that were creeping out from under the furniture yesterday.

They are back in hiding today, as the windows are closed.  It has been snowing since 10:00 this morning.  It doesn't do much for one's drive when it is grey and cold and snowing in April.

If you look closely, you can see snow blowing at the top of this picture!

Despite the weather, my day went pretty smoothly until it was time to pick the girls up at school.  It is a madhouse up there at pick-up and drop-off times...too many vehicles and not enough parking spaces, and buses and kids all over the place.  I turned in to a parking area where I saw a couple of open spaces up ahead, and then waited behind 3 or 4 other cars which were waiting to turn out.  I noticed that a women in a parking space on my left was trying to pull out, so I pulled as far to the right as I could go to give her room.  She pulled part way out, and then began pounding on the steering wheel, yelling and pointing her finger at me.  I opened my window, "Excuse me..."  I began.

"You have GOT to get the H&*% out of here!"  She screamed.

"I am trying to get to a parking space."  I told her.

"There ARE no f*$#ing parking spaces!"  She shouted, and lurched forward in her car.  I was afraid that she was going to hit  my car, but she managed to maneuver her way out, cursing the entire time.

I was shaking as I signed to get the girls released to my care, so I stuck my fists in my pockets as we walked back to the car.  J was grumpy because I told her to put her coat on, and slammed the car door.  I calmly told her that was not acceptable behavior and doled out punishment.  She flipped out.  I turned the radio up.  Both girls complained that 1) They would have to wait until we got home to get a snack, and 2) They didn't want a snack from home - there was NOTHING good to eat there.

As we turned on to the interstate to head home, I took a deep breath to try again to calm my trembling, and asked how their days were.  L said "Long." and promptly fell asleep.  She snored gently the rest of the ride home.

J talked a bit about her opera in Music class, which apparently didn't go well as she was the only one who knew her lines.  I asked her several questions about it, and she would sigh and roll her eyes, and began to get testy and raise her voice.  "You know what?"  I said, tearing up.  "I'm just trying to talk to you and have a pleasant conversation.  You are being rude and really hurting my feelings."

So...I feel like a fluffy dust ball.  Nobody really wants them around, they are dirty and good for nothing, and they hide under the furniture all winter long.  I'm crawling back under the sofa now, and I'm waiting for better weather and moods before I come out again!


Sally said...

Come and hang at my house. I love dust bunnies and have a houseful to prove it! Forget that rude lady. Hopefully she will work through her parking lot rage issues with a professional.

Anonymous said...

O dear. . .I'm always shocked when grown ups act in such a rude way!! That woman must have something really tough in her life to make her act like that. I'm less shocked when children do, including Bea who told me this morning, "Whatever!" when I asked her to get her shoes on for school.
Go hang with Sally. She loves dust bunnies :)--her comment says so. Most of us house a lot more dust bunnies than you do.

Trisha Peters said...

Come to Indiana...that will help! I will appreciate you!