Sunday, April 13, 2014

Green Egg & Ham

I have spent a lot of time indoors this week, finishing up a couple of projects.  One was helping Mom to create a photobook of their house building project (and I made a small one of my own of our Williamsburg trip!)

Another was finishing projects that Dad has been working on.  He made 3 new oak shelves for our built in shelving unit in the Great Room for DVD's.  I stained and sealed them, and then the whole family worked to install them and rearrange DVD's.  The girls' job was to alphabetize (heh, work, and they didn't even realize it!)

The last project was to paint and varnish the "Ham."  It is the grill table into which we have installed JP's ceramic grill, the "Big Green Egg."  This table began life as a buffet/storage table that we picked up on clearance at Big Lots.

After we acquired the "Big Green Egg", about 3 years ago, the table had been moved to the veranda to be re-purposed as a potting table or grill table.  JP cut a hole in the butcher block wood top for the grill to go into, and we tore out the drawers and most of the internal support system in preparation for installing the grill.  That project, however, stalled right there, and the table has been sitting back there with grilling implements stacked all over it.  We put a piece of plywood and a tablecloth over it when we have picnics out back.  Finally, we put Dad on the job, knowing that he would be able to create a durable and useful table again.

After all of his work, two coats of paint, and 4 coats of exterior varnish on the table top, this is what we have on the veranda today.  Dad calls it a "Ham", since it goes with green eggs.

Our gas grill looks shabby and filthy next to it!

Mom and I finally got out into the garden on Thursday.  I loosened up the soil in 2 beds with the broadfork, and hauled 6 wheelbarrows full of compost that we worked in.  They have now been planted with peas, spinach and lettuce.

Yesterday, Mom, the girls and I went back out.  JP helped too, and we got 4 more beds loosened with the broadfork, and I have added compost to 2 of them.  Mom began planting carrots and parsnips in one.  2 more are ready to plant potatoes.  We got a good rain on Friday, which should have been lovely for the peas.  I hope to get the taters and the rest of the root crops - beets and radishes - planted on Monday before it rains again.

The girls have been asking to have their own guns, so JP bought Red Ryder BB guns for both of the girls and taught them to shoot with them yesterday.  They spent a lot of time shooting the surrounding trees, posts and dirt piles.

This AM I checked the hens for lice for a final time.  I am happy to report that they are all louse-free! 

We have been washing windows and screens, and little by little, getting the screens put back in so that we can open up the house and fill it up with this delicious, Spring air.  The only drawback is that the dust bunnies, that have been hiding out underneath the furniture are being flushed out by the breezes, and have been scampering across the floors all morning.

Spring has finally arrived at Poplar Ridge...just in the nick of time!

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