Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend

We had a lovely (and way too short) Easter Break.  We lost a day and a half due to snow days in Jan. & Feb, so the girls just had a half day on Thursday, then Good Friday off.  We were really in need of a break right about now, so it was perfect...and completely packed full of activity!

Good friends were in from NJ over the weekend, so the girls had the chance to play with them on Friday afternoon, and I got to get together with my Peeps while the husbands and half the kids were at a Pirates game Friday night.  We had strawberry daiquiris and pizza and curled up under blankets to discuss deep thoughts while the other half of the kids watched a movie downstairs.

On Saturday afternoon, the whole gang came up to Poplar Ridge for a potluck.  8 adults, 11 kids, lots of great food (we enjoyed the noodles, R!), 4 Square and P-I-G games, wine, tea, s'mores, etc, etc.  The kids were up and down from the tree house, climbing on trees and trailers and dirt piles, and in general having a great time.  The men built a fire and played games while the women curled up under blankets on the veranda and discussed more deep thoughts.

After the youngest of the children began nodding off, the families began heading home.  JP winked at me and said "Do we know how to throw a party, or WHAT?"  As always, it was wonderful. 

Once breakfast was over, the girls looked through their Easter Baskets, and took bubbles outside to play.  The sky was a deep blue, the girls were still in their jammies, and they leaped and danced to catch the rainbow bubbles.

Later, after a big meal with my parents, the girls hunted for Easter eggs in the front yard.

For the first time, L found more eggs than her older sister!

This evening, we are preparing to return to school and work in the morning.  All of us are wishing we could have that extra day off tomorrow that was on the original school calendar.  Sigh.  We certainly were not enjoying those days off back in the deep freeze of winter! 

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