Sunday, March 30, 2014

Taming the Beast

Even though we woke to another coating of snow this morning, it was all blue sky, sunshine and mild this afternoon. 

Poor Kali, who is covered with about 3 inches of thick, black wool all over, has been overheated more than not lately.  She looks more like a bear than a dog, and I've taken to calling her "Beast."  She pants and paces all day long.  Since she is not scheduled for a haircut for over a week yet, JP and I couldn't stand it any longer.  We double teamed her for over an hour this afternoon with scissors and electric clippers.

Trash bag full of hair clippings...
Now she looks like she lost a fight with a hedge trimmer, but her hair is significantly shorter, and we can see her eyes again.  When her hair appointment comes up in early April, the groomer can fix all the boo-boo's, and she'll look lovely and sleek again.

At least for now she will be ready for the 70 degree temps forecasted for tomorrow.  Just don't tease her about her bad's not her fault!

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