Friday, March 21, 2014

Laws of Nature

There should be some sort of rule that there cannot be any more snow fall after March 20th.  It is officially Spring, and the weather should have the sense to follow those directives and turn a bit warmer and RAIN instead of snow!  Instead we have had flurries all day.

Oh, I know it won't stick around.  I understand the weather this time of year is temperamental at best.  This craziness just messes with my psyche, which is over tired from Winter at this point.

When I ventured outside in the mornings just a few weeks ago, it was dark, and cold, and silent.  Now there is pink in the sky, and cold, and a cacophony of bird song from every direction in the mornings.  This morning I took an extra few minutes to pet the kitties, and heard one persistent little fellow sing "My feet are cold!  My feet are cold!  My feet are cold!" over and over again. I'm sure they are!  Poor little thing! 

The chickens would be singing that tune as well...if they knew how to sing.  Instead, they explode from the chicken house every time I come outside and run along the fence, hoping for some sort of treat.  They look at me, with their little red eyes, and shiver with cold and disappointment before heading down the hill to scratch in the weeds.

Inside, although it is warm, I have felt chilled all winter.  Since Christmas, I have gone through the extra-large refill pack of my new favorite tea sachets...Harney & Son's "Paris".  That's 50 cups of tea to keep me warm, not to mention the other varieties and the morning cuppa Joe (or two!)

So, when Spring has the sense to actually keep warm, I'm going to have caffeine withdrawal.  Something else to look forward to!

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