Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter Continues...

Another week, more snow.
Another snow day - the girls are now scheduled to go to school for an extra week in June.
Another weekend of cutting wood and shoveling snow.
This is getting tiresome!

It snowed all day on Thursday.  The girls decided to hold the Winter Olympics on Poplar Ridge.  I made medals out of bottle caps painted gold, silver and bronze, hot glued to ribbons.  We printed out flags:  J was from Russia, and L was from Austria.  They participated in snow boarding, ice skating, and "jump lift" (a new event which involves jumping over the "ice" from family room sofa to family room poof.)

On Friday, L's class had a brief Valentine party.  We put together these cards for her friends from Currant.  I think they turned out pretty cute! 

I put new batteries in all of the smoke alarms, because I LOVE my family!

Friday night, it snowed some more, and half the day Saturday.  The girls had a friend over, and did Olympic bobsledding down the hill, resulting in another gold medal and the loss of one of C's glasses lenses in a snow drift.  J made a bag out of duct tape.

Saturday, JP and I cut, split and stacked more wood, and JP and Dad shoveled and plowed:  repeat of every weekend lately.  To change things up a bit, some friends came out for dessert and conversation.  It was the best part of the day!

Last night, JP hiked up the hill behind my parents to take pictures of our house in the snow.

Today, the occasional flurries have turned into 2 more inches of snow and haven't stopped.  We ventured up North, and discovered a Mexican grocery, where we purchased Masa (corn flour), tomatillos, and papaya.  We also purchased hot chicken tacos from an outdoor stand, and ate them at a picnic table in the snow. 

We are introducing the girls to "Rear Window" right now, and sampling the salsa verde that I made from half of the needs tweaking.

So, that's the news from Poplar Ridge.  More snow, and we have yet to see whether the girls have school again tomorrow.  I'm just grateful that we are warm, our power has stayed on, and none of us has had any auto accidents in the snow and ice.  Now I'm off to watch Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stuart.  I wish you a warm and snuggly beginning to your new week.

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