Thursday, February 20, 2014


I have been doing some research lately.

For example, yesterday I determined that the snow in the country is much more attractive than the snow in town.  It is whiter and more pristine, although there are more piles of deer poo and ATV or snowmobile tracks.

It is also clear, without too much in-depth research, that the snow is finally melting.  It is clearest on the driveway, which has not been exposed in weeks (leading to the 2nd rescheduling of the Sears repairman visit to fix my leaking washer.)

Sunrise Monday morning...

Sunrise this morning!

Last night, the family and I discovered that in a head-to-head taste test, 4 out of 4 tasters vastly preferred Nutella to Jif with hazelnuts.  No surprise there.

This morning, some olfactory research led me to the conclusion that these 2 shaggy beasts cannot go another day without a trim and a bath.

After a few hours of very involved research, the living room looked like this, and both dogs had their nails clipped, ears cleaned, teeth brushed, baths and they were brushed. 

Stella had a trim, and it was clear that there was absolutely no way that Kali was getting a trim by anyone other than a professional!

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