Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February is the Longest Month!

I have just come in from outside, where it is hovering near 17 or 18 degrees today.  I am sitting here in my long underwear (it's a great look, btw) and not feeling inclined to do much of anything.  I just finished treating the hens with permethrin dust for the lice problem - 13 out of 15 are infested. 

After I got all of the poison and lice exposed clothing in the washer, I spent less than an hour with my Dad in the wood shop, varnishing tongue and groove panels that are soon to become wainscoting in our dining room. 

Have I accomplished enough for the day yet?

February needs to end.  It is d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g along, making the worst month (although January is also in contention for that honor this year) last FOREVER. 

We have had 10 snow days and 11 two hour delays since New Year.  The low temp of 2014 is -10 F, and although we had 2 days of 40 degrees and sun over the weekend, for the remainder of February the ground has been frozen solid and snow covered.

I'm tired.  I'm done.  I don't want to schlep water out to the chickens 3 times a day any more.  I'm tired of stacking wood, and checking the wood burner which results in becoming completely smokey smelling.  I'm sick of bundling up every time I head outside to do one or more of the above.  I don't want to have a fight with my daughters every morning about wearing their winter coats (they rebel - say the coats make them "look fat!")  I'm exhausted from feeling anxious every time I drive up or down our driveway, wondering if I'm going to slide over the edge into the woods, or skid right out into the road in front of a truck.

Apparently Stella is having some late winter psychosis as well.  Last Friday, before we left for the movie, JP asked "do you trust the dog enough to leave her out of her kennel while we are gone?"  I told him no, but relented after closing the doors to every room, removing books and pillows that she's been known to gnaw on, and treating the legs of the chairs with bitter apple (she's been known to gnaw those too!)  We came home to find this:

She clawed a hole in JP's new(ish) recliner (that we bought last year to replace the other one she chewed on!)  She was punished and put in jail for the remainder of the night.  She slunk around guiltily for several days, but  I had mostly forgiven her by yesterday...until she clawed the same spot some more while I was down at the bottom of the driveway picking up the girls from the bus.

There is another Polar Vortex pushing down into PA until this weekend.  At that point, they are calling for another 1-3 inches of snow or freezing rain.  It seems that March won't be starting out much better.

Oh the humanity!


Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

It took you till February to get tired of all this work??? You are a saint indeed.

Courage, mon amie, spring cometh.

Country Girl said...

Dunno...they are calling for the biggest storm of the winter this weekend...up to 8 more inches of snow!