Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Passage of Time

This weekend, we stayed in most of the time due to the abundance of snow and lack of degrees of temperature on the thermometer.  We decided to finally take on the gargantuan task of converting our box of home videos to DVD.

What struck me the most while watching our wedding video, taken over 22 years ago, was not the little girl that grew up to be my niece who is teaching school in Bulgaria, or the little guy - her brother who is now a soldier helping to protect our country, but the people there who are now no longer with us.  Both of JP's parents, 3 of my grandparents, JP's best buddy from college, and one of my college friends were there to celebrate the beginning of our life together, and now are absent from our lives.

Moving on, we watched the recording of JP's commencement from Medical School, which was held outdoors in the pouring rain.  I had managed to repress that memory until watching again.  JP's 85 year old mother was thoroughly soaked and chilled to the bone.  We abandoned our plans of picnicking in the park afterwards, to breaking into the home of our friends to dry off and eat in relative warmth.  JP's diploma had to be replaced as it was completely waterlogged, etc, etc.  What a fiasco!

We re-watched the film from the week JP and I were certified in SCUBA, and went snorkeling with manatees in Florida.  J used to watch this video as a toddler, and would ask time and again to see "the Mommy-T's and the Daddy-T's too!"

Next up was video of J's birth and first year, where we caught glimpses of our beloved dog, Zach, and JP's sister's dog, DD, both of whom have succumbed to age and illness.  And that little baby...where did she go?

We are still working through these home movies, and should get to L's birth very soon.  It was much less dramatic, but just as precious.

Along the way, we found video that JP took of several houses (both in Wheeling and here) that at separate times we were considering buying.  I marvelled at my young, slim self in a mini skirt.  We chuckled at the film of JP home alone, recording extreme close ups of his ears and eyeball.  Not all of these moments will make the cut to DVD, but there are so many precious moments that we will be able to look back on with mixed emotions.

The strange thing is that I really don't feel like 22 years have passed since my wedding.  I am more achy and slow when I wake up in the morning, I am countless pounds heavier, and it involves boxes of hair color every 4 months to keep my hair that color, but in my soul, I'm still 21.

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