Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I spent most of the day today making dog food.  This is not something that I do on a regular basis.   I just purchased a case of frozen pizza dough rounds at Sam's Club over the weekend, however, and I needed to make room in the deep freeze for it, so I decided that the random cow parts that came with the beef we bought in the past year and a half needed to go.  I'm talking heart, tongue and liver here, people.  I always intended to give it to the dogs, but it's just one of those things...

These parts have been thawing in the extra refrigerator for the past 2 days, and I figured they were thawed enough this morning to grind up.  I hooked up the meat grinder attachment on my Kitchen Aid, and got to work.  The hearts didn't bother me...I work in Surgery after all, and I actually found the valves fascinating.  Liver, eh...ate lots of it growing up, no big deal.  The tongue though, ugh, it was extremely nasty.  I've eaten tongue in the past (tasted like Mom's pot roast,) but I've never actually handled one before.  It made me shudder every time I touched it.

After this was all done, I realized that I didn't have enough canning jars to can it in, and it was time to leave to pick up the girls at school.  After about 45 minutes of internet research, I decided I would have to cook it first as well.  The girls were blessed with the tempting smells of cooking ground offal during home work time.  J told me that she was going to pass on dinner before I came clean and told her it was for the dogs.

Offal - great word, isn't it?  I now have a great, steaming bowl of ground offal ready to can tomorrow.  Meatloaf anyone?

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