Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Polar Hysteria

The girls are home for another Snow Day today.  I've lost count how many we have had lately.  Most of us are sick today with coughs and fever, and one of the girls is holding a barf bucket.

The weekend was snow filled - we got 6 or 8 inches.  The tractor wouldn't start until it warmed up to 22 degrees, and then my Dad had to make laps plowing:  down the driveway, up the road, up through our neighbor's field, and back down again.

This cold weather is taking a toll on all of us - we are finding our sanity becoming more and more of a vague and misty cloud instead of the solid rock it should be.  My friend is sorting Lego's by color and throwing boiling water outside into the below 0 air.  The dogs eat hickory nut husks every time they go outside, and lie listless indoors, or gnaw on their toenails.  I am providing small slivers of dry toast and sips of Sprite to my oldest child, and have been amused by the "sculptures" of frozen chicken poo in the chicken barge.

My Dad has been productive.  He is working on Phase 3 of the pantry re-model.  Phase 1 was where half of the things from the pantry were sitting on shelves in the dining room.  Phase 2 is mostly complete, where I re-organize everything on the newly installed built in shelving in the pantry.  In Phase 3, I will finally get a door on my pantry.

Thank goodness for the glimmer of hope that is the forecast for Thursday:  33 degrees by 3 PM!  If it really happens, it will be the first time the thermometer has risen above the freezing mark (during the day) since the 20th.

I'm going to go cut pictures out of Christmas cards and stick them in a book (it's only a little bit crazy), and then nap until Spring.

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Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

O my goodness. I can only imagine how stir-crazy everyone is! I love your descriptions. Thankfully, nobody is twisting hay into burnable bundles yet :).