Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mud on Your Face (a Big Disgrace)

We are running low on fire wood for our outdoor wood burner.  It really plows through the wood.  JP has been attempting to get a tri-axle truck load of long wood for about 6 weeks now.  They finally arrived today, after it has been 45* outside and raining for 2 days.

Yep.  Things are muddy.  I have some sort of mud sucking rugs in front of all of the doors, and they work really well.  Those, combined with the fact that we typically leave our shoes in the breezeway, and there are towels at the front and back door to wipe the dogs' feet, the house is staying fairly clean. 

The big truck made it up our hill without problems, although it left 4 or 5 inch deep ruts in places.  The driver refused to go much farther than the chicken houses, and ended up unloading in the grass near the girls' sandbox.  Now the road there is perfect for making mud pies.

It is super squishy near the chicken houses too.  I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone this morning (*no birds were actually harmed in this story*,) so I raked the Hickory nut hulls laying under the tree by the chicken run around the houses to make a little mud-free path.  I think it should work well.

I am not feeling well.  I think the stress of dealing with my youngest daughter these days is really getting to me.  I am working on getting some answers to the problems...more about that later.  I'm just trying to keep from getting sucked down in the mud...some days it's harder than others!

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