Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Little LAM

L has long been waiting to have a Birthday Party sleep-over.  She has a handful of school friends that she had intended to invite this year.  She blew it, however, and lost the Birthday Party during her 3+ hour temper tantrum before Christmas.

Consequently, her party this year was small and quiet - just the family at home.  We did take the girls to Build-a-Bear earlier in the day as part of their Christmas gift, and each of them picked out a sweet animal to bring home.  I'm sad that L doesn't get that sleepover that she has been wanting for years, but I'm a bit relieved that I don't have to throw together another party in the next couple of weeks.  Is that terrible of me?

The brown puppy, "Mommy Puppy", was her Build-a-
Bear friend from age 2.  The polar bear, "Julia", just
joined the family this year!

L asked for "the kind of cake Daddy gets for his Birthday" this year...a 5 Flavor Pound Cake.  This was also pretty crazy design or fancy frosting, just an almond glaze (although I did go all out and sprinkle the top with gold sugar!)

Her favorite gift was a big box of art supplies:  crayons, colored pencils, markers, oil pastels, water colors, and acrylic paints along with sketching pencils, erasers, and paint brushes.  She has already been creating some art with all of the above!

Happy 8th Birthday, my lovely girl!  Let's aim for that BIG party next year!

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