Tuesday, January 7, 2014


In keeping with the weather, I ordered the Disney "Frozen" soundtrack from Amazon this evening.  The girls have been BEGGING for it, and have been watching endless hours of "Let it Go" on YouTube.  This transaction allowed us to listen to it immediately on Amazon's Cloud Player - whoooo - we are too high tech for words!

The low on Poplar Ridge last night was -10 F.  We discovered this morning that water pipes to 2 of the lesser used bathrooms had frozen over night.  That's right...pipes IN THE HOUSE were frozen!  With judicious use of a space heater in the drop ceilings (*do not try this at home*), we were able to thaw things out.  Now I am on a 30 minute cycle of checking the heater and turning on showers for a couple of minutes.  It isn't supposed to get to zero until afternoon.

The kitties' water had a half inch of ice on top this morning.  Luckily I left the chicken waterers in the craft room last night, because it froze in the garage (where I usually keep it over night.)

I am happy to announce that all 17 hens survived the cold last night!  I was a bit nervous about what I might find when I went out first thing this morning.  Guess what happens to eggs when they freeze?  They split open - very cool to peel off the shell and see an egg shaped raw egg!

The 20 degrees in the breezeway felt balmy when I came back in from the outside this morning, and it is cozy inside.

Only 8 minutes until I have to check the showers and space heater again...maybe I can squeeze a cuppa in before then!

Stay Warm, y'all!

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