Saturday, January 25, 2014

Big House in the Little Woods

Winter very nearly kicked my butt yesterday.  The elation that I experienced from getting out of the house the other day was short lived.  Last night I was crying.

Our wood pile has become dangerously low.  Yesterday morning, when I went out to put 4 of the last 10 pieces of wood in, what was left were the heaviest, most odd shaped pieces.  It was a struggle just to get them into the wood burner, but they didn't land in the right place.  I tried to move them with the poker and a shovel with no luck.  Finally I had to hold my breath, stick my entire upper body into the wood burner, and manually move them...3 times.  I cried then too, when I wasn't coughing, the smoke stung my eyes terribly!

We had another 2 hour delay yesterday, which has become our norm.  I managed to get Mom to the Physical Therapist, the girls to school, clean pants to JP (who noticed they got soiled only AFTER he arrived at work) AND get to work on time!

Amazingly, JP beat me home from work last night, since J had voice lessons.  We arrived home, to find the tractor stalled out in the driveway in front of the garage.  Apparently our 50 gal barrel of diesel fuel is not winter treated, and it gelled in the engine AFTER it got several hundred yards out of the barn.  I had to drive the van through the field and through the barn to get to the garage!

JP had intended to get some of the logs cut that were delivered a couple of weeks ago in the mud, however, we now did not have the tractor to use to lift them down off the 8 foot stack.  Since the remaining 6 pieces of wood were not going to last more than 12 hours, he ended up cutting the ends off of several of the logs.  I stacked them on a plastic toboggan, and we pulled them over the barn where we could stack them.

We have been reading the Laura Ingalls Wilder books to the girls again.  I am so impressed with Pa - that he could build a house out of trees he cut (no chainsaw, mind you), including the furniture, roof shakes, and stone fireplace, then go out and cut a garden out of the prairie...and ultimately close the door and walk away from it all.  I definitely felt like we had stepped back in time (but WITH a chainsaw) to keep the homestead running last night.

The kicker was when I was doing a load of wash last night, and JP called up that the guest bathroom was full of water.  Long story short, it ends up our grey water drainage pipe on that side of the house is frozen.  So...giant mess to clean up last night, and I drove through the lawn (around the stalled tractor) to take the dirty towels and bathroom rugs to Mom and Dad's to wash...thank goodness for neighbors!

This morning I have distracted myself by baking an Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese Crust, and emptying out half of my pantry in anticipation of Dad putting up the first half of the built-in shelving there soon.  The girls have a friend over to play.  JP went out and started the tractor and headed down the hill with the plow.  I'm happily blogging.

He just texted me that he can't get back up the driveway.  The saga continues...

The pie, however, looks lovely.

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Kimberly Long Cockroft said...

Time for that trip to Florida!

That pie looks DIVINE.