Thursday, December 12, 2013

Three Strikes

CRAZY day yesterday!  Let me repeat that...C-R-A-Z-Y!

I had to take the van for an alignment up in the next town, so I decided to finish up my shopping.  (Yep, all done!)  When I returned home, several hours later, and took the dogs out, I noticed a Red Tailed Hawk fly up from somewhere very close to the chicken run, to a nearby tree.  He kept hanging around, which made me nervous enough to check on the chickens.

Sure enough, he completely decapitated one of my hens, and it hadn't been too long previously by the looks of the evidence.  We got 5 eggs yesterday - the most we've had in a day for 2 months!  Now all the ladies are going to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and stop laying again.  I guess this is why the Red Tails have the nick-name of "Chicken Hawk!"

The girls had their Well Child Exams last night, and we didn't get home until 6:30.  Dr. N called L a "Skinny Minnie", just like we do.  I told her that since 3 medical professionals have diagnosed her that way, it must be true!  J got 2 shots, which she was not at all happy about, but now she is good for 10 years!  It's strange to think that she's been around long enough to need boosters on all those baby shots!

Last night was a heavy homework night.  J has been working on a Math project for the past several days (the teacher who came up with this idea is ingenious!)  She was supposed to spend one million dollars on an activity.  This required researching prices, itemizing things, learning to budget, and much Math.  She went the thrifty Mennonite way at first, with economy class airfare for 3 friends, herself and me (as the chaperone) to Australia for 56 days, PB&J and BBQ potato chips for meals, and rental car for 1 week only, with bicycle rentals for the rest of the time.  Then she realized that she had only spent $500,000!  We bumped things up to first class airfare, luxury hotel suite, several shows at the Sydney Opera House, yacht rental for one week with a scuba guide, and stretch limo rental with chauffeur for the entire time (kept the bikes never know!)  She was also philanthropic with her money, and adopted 1,000 koalas for 10 years each, and bought each of us an iPad Air to play with on the flight.  By the end, there was still $11,000 spending money for each person, and the final 2 cents went on to my clothing budget...hooray!

L has been having a huge mental hurdle to her piano practice this year.  When she is assigned a new song, she cries that she cannot play it because she doesn't know the notes.  At the end of last year, her teacher had her write the notes in the book, to help her realize that she does indeed "know the notes."  She doesn't want her to rely on that however, so asked her not to do that this year.  Didn't work!  Major melt down at practice time to the point that she wanted to quit and her Dad told her that was completely fine with him!

Our compromise is that I will photocopy the songs, so that she can write the notes in, and play them from that music twice.  After that, she must play from her books without writing in them.  It seems to work, but writing out the notes takes her SOOOOOOOOO long!  I think she spends more time counting and recounting how many notes she has left to label than actually pounding out the work!

In any case, the girls got to bed about an hour late last night, and consequently were extremely reluctant to get up this morning.  I gave Lauren half a cup of coffee with her breakfast (you're welcome Ms. 2nd Grade Teacher...enjoy!)  Luckily, Christmas Break will be upon us in no time, and much sleeping in can occur.  That's good news for all of us, especially JP, who is taking a well deserved break too.

I was woken in the wee hours this morning by bells.  Unfortunately, it was not Santa, but Kali.  She has re-learned to ring the bells on the door to go outside.  I figured it was an emergency for her to ring them at that time of day, so hurried to let her out.  It was indeed an emergency!  I wasn't back in bed for more than a couple of minutes before Stella cried in her kennel.  She also had an emergency, and had already vomited in her bed.  She rang the bells to go out later, while the girls were eating breakfast - the first time she's ever done that!  Such smart dogs!

Today I will have to be on the alert for sick dogs who need to go outside and Chicken Hawks prowling around my hens.  If I get around to it, I'll look into a therapist for group PTSD counseling too.

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