Thursday, December 19, 2013

Message in the Sky

At this time of year when we remember the story of the birth of the Messiah being heralded by angels appearing in the night sky, and an amazing star directing 3 foreign dignitaries to his bedside, one has to wonder if the sky still can reveal messages to us on Earth.

Based on several amazingly beautiful portraits that I've witnessed in the sky lately, I'd have to say that it is possible.   The only "message" that I have been able to translate, however, is an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder.  That can be message enough since I've been feeling rather underwhelmed by the upcoming season of joy.

Last night we drove up our hill in the late evening to see the (nearly) full moon directly ahead of us, low in the sky, bright white and massive.  The December full moon is known as the "Cold Moon", for good reason.

In November, we witnessed the full "Beaver Moon", wreathed by a rainbow.

Last week, the clouds made so many patterns in the sky that I had trouble driving home from the city since I was watching the sky almost as much as I was watching the road!

I also witnessed what looked to be a pillar of flame rising up from the hills across from Poplar Ridge.

Wonder is a good message to receive this time of year, so I have tucked it under my sweater to ponder on as Christmas draws closer. 

For their part, the kitties are just trying to make it through this "Cold Moon" phase by snuggling up in the Kitty Kastle.

Keep warm my friends, and keep the wonder of this season close to your hearts.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that's such a nice reminder tonight when I'm annoyed with family, overwhelmed by Christmas stuff, and birthday-ed out.

xoxoxo Kim